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We love to compete. We love to compete because we learned it in the early stages of our life. The problem with our version of competing is that we don’t know a lot about what is the real point of it. The necessity of competitiveness has been hammered home by governments, corporations, and the media to the point that it is taken for granted, a fact of life that is so obvious that we unthinkingly acquiesce to its dictates. We take part in the rat race without even thinking about its sense. Blinded by what others are doing, we don’t…

Have you ever thought about what makes tech companies valuable from the customers’ point of view? What contributed to the high value of companies on the market stock even though they don’t make real money.

Some time ago, I saw somebody’s post on LinkedIn. This person was outraged and wrote something like that:

“Tesla is now more worth than Walmart.

Tesla 2019 Revenue: $24B
Walmart 2019 Revenue: $514B
Tesla 2019 Net Loss: $846M
Walmart 2019 Net Profit: $3.8B

The stock market is insane.”

Yes, indeed.

When an average, hard-headed person is looking at this data will be thinking the same…

Why do some companies work like a magnet on employees and clients while others suffer from the shortage? Maybe because: “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.”? We all know this sentence. And there is an ongoing debate about — Does really culture eats strategy for breakfast? How can it happen that some behaviors have such power over great tactics and strategies?

Let’s try to think about that.

What causes that some people work like a magnet on other people. Some are more successful than others. Some are healthier, sportier, and good looking even when they are reaching their 50s. Well, mostly…

Knowing who your customers are and what they need is probably the most important job when you are a Product Manager. We dream about selling amazing products. We believe in it, spending the whole time trying to make our products better. Falling in love with our ideas makes us sure that everybody will be willing to pay for our services. Unfortunately, the fact is that almost none of the people we want to sell care about this incredible product. Why? Because what people care about is whether someone can solve their problems. If your product full-fill a need or solves…

Obserwując obecny rynek pracownika mam wrażenie, że polskie spółki technologiczne pogodziły się z myślą, że nie znajdą dla siebie dobrze dopasowanego pracownika, a do wzięcia pozostali jedynie “klepacze kodu na godziny”. Z drugiej strony, wiele małych firm jest tak przerażona myślą o zatrudnieniu niewłaściwej osoby, że boją się zrekrutować kogokolwiek przez co nie rosną tak szybko jak mogłyby.

Istnieje jednak wiele przesłanek, które naprowadzą Cię na zatrudnienie dopasowanego człowieka z którym znajdziesz wspólny język, nie będącego jedynie rękami do pracy, ale realnym wsparciem we wzroście biznesu.

Jak szukać takich ludzi?

Twarde umiejętności programistyczne to podstawa, ale ostatecznie to system postaw i wartości Kandydata zadecydują…

Programming isn’t a new literacy. Don’t go into this bull*hit, and don’t learn “basic coding skills”.


Programming isn’t a new literacy. Don’t go into this bull*hit, and don’t learn “basic coding skills”. But if you work in IT, learn how to programming — not coding. Why? To understand better what you do.

It’s trendy to learn how to code nowadays. But this is worth it? Will picking one online coding course help you somehow? Well, let’s think about it.

The truth is, most people will never need to write a single line of code. If you are an extremely creative person, love talking to people and having an interaction with them, really don’t go into that…

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According to researches, around 72% of new products don’t meet customer expectations.

Wait, how is it possible at the time when we think we know almost everything about our customers and how to talk to them?

First of all, probably, our confidence loses us too fast, and the second one, we think about the solution too quickly. Right, we have data we know that it is crucial to use numbers nowadays, but it still is standard to forget that everything is about context, how we interpret our data, and how we are framing our discussion with clients.

Millions of people are banned from traveling, other millions of people are under lockdown, allowed to leave their homes only in exceptional cases. Pubilc events are canceled, events by events, worldwide. Schools and universities are being closed one by one. Coronavirus has disrupted everyday life throughout the world through travel bans, restrictions, and the event’s cancellation.

But the fact is that it is not the only global crisis we face. Another one is the climate crisis. And paradoxically, the one global crisis can help solve the second one.

According to scientists, if we want to protect our planet, we have…

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Monk by heart. In love with technology, writing mostly about people. Building digital products is easy — the hard part is always about people.

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